Implemented projects

Project: “Nature Guides – Innovative Entrepreneurs of Nature Parks”, partner in the project with the Lead organization: Association for the development of the Ibar valley – IDA, Kraljevo.

The project was co-financed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection on the basis of the Public Call for Grants for Support to Civil Society Projects in the field of Environmental Protection in 2018: “Support to Civil Society Organizations for Environmental Protection in Serbia”; Period of realization: from 18th July to 30th November 2018.

Brief description: Developing a training model for local guides in nature as an integral part of the offer to tourists of special interest and visitors to nature parks. Within the basic activities of the project, the following sub-activities were realized in the phases of project realization: Preparation of the manual: “Nature Guide”; Publication of the manual “Nature Guide” in electronic form and Presentation of the project, project activities and manuals “Nature Guide”.

The project’s sub-activity was realized in the framework of workshops, round tables, trainings and consultative meetings during the project realization: Development of a training model for local guides in nature as an integral part of the offer to tourists of special interest and visitors to nature parks in the protected area Bojcin Forest, SNR Zasavica, in Belgrade and in the pilot area with training of participants, in the Golia Nature Park. Based on realized project activities in the final phase of realization of the project are presented: Recommendations for Institutional Support to the Green Profession: Entrepreneur – a Nature Guide.

Nature Guide


Bojcin Forest, SNR Zasavica

Agricultural and Chemistry School “Dr Djordje Radic” Kraljevo

Golia Nature Park


Education and training for rural development, implementation of LEADER approach: “Regional platform for rural development Braničevo-Podunavlje step up with the EU”, organized by Regional Development Agency “Braničevo-Podunavlje”, Pozarevac, implementation period: 1st November to 30th December 2016.

Short description: Provided support in realization of the following activities planned by the Project in maintaining 2 workshops on the LEADER approach and preparing the contents of the thematic manual on the LEADER approach.

Education and training in tourism: «Support and promotion of rural tourism within the IPARD II program of the Republic of Serbia (2016-2020)», financed by the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications – Sector for Tourism, implementation period: 15.05.-15.12.2016.

Short description: Training of owners of categorized rural tourism accommodations and services to use IPARD II support for tourist investment and tourist services: agricultural producers and other economic entities in rural areas with the aim of expanding economic activities in the field of rural tourism; To acquire the knowledge and skills of the owners of rural tourism accommodations and services through training according of measures for support of the IPARD II program for the development of tourist and recreational activities, especially for family and children tourism; Strengthening the capacities and competitiveness of the business in rural tourism accommodations and services in preparation of projects for financing the IPARD II funds under the conditions defined by measure: Diversification of rural economy and development of business in rural tourism.

Project: “Building Sustainable Future for Protected Areas in Serbia”, Project partner, EU funded project by the REC SENSE program: “Supporting Environmental Civil Society Organizations in Serbia”; implementation period 01.08.2014-01.07.2015.

Short description: Creating an initial IPA Rural Development phase for forming potential local action groups in Djerdap region on LEADER approach; Creating and publishing a instructive and education publications of potential local action groups LEADER approach; Organizing a workshops and meetings with main stakeholders in Djerdap region for potential public, private and CSOs partnerships; Strategic planning on LEADER methodology; Promotion and marketing activities with public impact in LEADER approach; Development of memorandum of interest of potential local action group within private, public and CSOs organization and participate in process of improvement of its representatively.

Project: “Leader Initiative Serbia-LiS”, Project partner, EU funded project by the program: “Capacity building for the establishment and implementation of a LEADER initiative in the Republic of Serbia”; period: 01.02.2012-01.10.2013;

Short description: project activities follow up a Leader Initiative Program as a technical assistance and measure assistance project with trainings and on-the-spot assistance in the process of identification and establishment of local partnerships and the process of preparing Local Developments Strategies. These actions are developed in parallel with elaboration of the required guidelines and adequate procedures at the national level and in line with EU requirements. Iron Gate as a territory of a potential LAG join rural stakeholders from public business and CSOs sector in a partnership for strategic planning and implementation of strategies on LEADER approach. LAG become important model for rural development and has a local development strategy in place and they have positive action in the sense of achieving EU standards and improved quality of rural life in Iron Gate region


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Project: “Revision and development of local development strategies of municipalities of Lower Danube tourist destination”, UNDP MDGF program: “Sustainable Tourism for Rural Development”, REF 9031/11, implementation period: March – July 2011;

Short description: Actual local development strategies of municipalities: Golubac, Kladovo and Majdanpek had many deficiencies and remarks in implementation including a lack of tourism priorities and action planning, which had not been within actual trends and market demands. Revision and development of strategies of municipalities of Lower Danube tourist destination made in a process of compliance with current needs and trends made on the basis of active participation of key stakeholders of tourism business and activities from the public and private sector with the support of our experience, expertise and good practice with benchmark analyses and recommendations, which municipalities councils adopted as revised strategies.