Iron Gate is a destination for sports challenges with places for sport and recreation where You can give Your confidence and the strength to Your interest. A wealth of nature enables to You to be active, from walking in nature, biking, fishing, sailing, rowing, bird watching and taking part in various excursions.
Discover the Iron Gate by bike. The Danube Cycling Route runs along the Iron Gate. Many routes in the nature are also suited for the mountains bikes. Special experience is visiting the Iron Gate by boat or ship.
Many cultures from the region affected one another for centuries. Those influences are reflected in many variety of traditional food and drink specialities. First of all, You can try out the many fish dishes. The Danube offers a great variety of fish. The grilled perch and catfish, carp and the famous fish soup are extremely popular. Every village and restaurant is particularly proud of their own specialities, assuring You that theirs are the best.
With a good meal You should try the best wines from the region produced in old wine cellars of Rajac and Rogljevo. Old cellars in Rajac and Rogljevo, near to Negotin, are on the Wine road of Serbia and well known by connoisseurs of a good wine.
Experience the Iron Gate actively, on many traditional events and manifestations which are organized in the region every year from spring to autumn.