The Iron Gate destination has culture heritage of a long and significant history.
The most famous are the oldest finds dated in the Neolithic period, over 8000 years old, at the archaeological site Lepenski Vir located on the Danube bank, near to Donji Milanovac.
Numerous monuments from the period of the Roman Empire are also evidence of history.
The region of the Iron Gate represented an almost insurmountable obstacle and forced the emperors Tiberius (AD 33-34) and Trajan (AD 103) to carve, with great effort, a road trough the rocks of the Iron Gate. This road rests are today under the water level, but a emperor Trajan’s table stone plaque nowadays, provides evidence of this construction from the Roman time. The remains of the border forts are also Diana and pillars of the impressive Trajan’s bridge.
Forts and monasteries testify of the very rich history of the region from the medieval period, and mainly are preserved. Especially impressive are forts: Ram, Golubac and Fetislam.
In the region You can also discover a large number of old villages. The Iron Gate’s villages are characterized by folklore, fishing, wine producing and influence оf centuries old agriculture. Visiting and being there, You will get memorable experience of hospitable villages.